Transfer to Marmaris

Go to Marmaris to sunbathe on the Mediterranean coast every day. If you have long dreamed of learning to dive, then it's time to carry out our plans. It is believed that the best schools work in the resort, where they teach swimming underwater.

How to get to Marmaris? Dalaman Airport, the nearest airport, is located 120 kilometers from the city. To the center of Marmaris, buses of Havas bus and Coop’s buses ply every 3 hours. Travel time takes from 1.5 hours. If you don’t want to overcome such a long distance by public transport, we recommend booking a transfer to Marmaris through the service

Marmaris is considered one of the best resorts in Turkey, which isn’t inferior in quality to European. Here is the ideal climate: in summer the air temperature reaches up to 27 ° С, water is up to 25 °С. Even in July and August there is no exhausting heat. The sea is usually calm, without high waves, as the resort is located in the bay, which is additionally covered by the wind from the peninsula and the island. The entrance is smooth without sudden drops, so this is a favorite vacation spot for tourists with children. In addition, Marmaris is the dance capital of Turkey. More than 35 disco-bars work daily from 20:00 to 05:00.

What to see in Marmaris? Go to the fortress of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, built by his decree in 1522. The construction protected civilians from the raids of barbarians and Western conquerors. External and internal buildings are perfectly preserved to this day. Now there are reconstruction and musical theater festivals. In the palace of Calais there is a city historical museum dedicated to Marmaris. The castle was built in 1044 BC by the Ionians, an ancient Greek tribe. The exhibition presents household items, jewelry, weapons and other exhibits.

Another famous landmark of Marmaris is the caravanserai of the XVI century Sultan Hafsa. Previously, the building was used as a roadside hotel for soldiers and travelers, and today it is the most famous and expensive restaurant in the resort.

If you want to see the neighborhood, rent a car with a driver in Marmaris. You can visit the ruins of the ancient city of Kedrai or Pamukkale, on the territory of which more than 10 thermal springs were formed.

What moves in Marmaris? Dolmushi or taxi is a popular form of public transport. Every day from 07:15 to 01:30 they connect the center with its distant districts and neighboring cities, for example, with Ichlemer or Armutalan. Taxi cabins in Marmaris are equipped with meters, so prices depend on mileage. If you are planning a long trip and a large company, it is best to book a transfer. It will be cheaper, and you will spend less time on the road. Travel in comfort!