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The most comfortable way to travel from the airport to the city is a transfer. Book a transfer in Istanbul on leave a application at our service and choose offer at the best price from carriers in the selected region.

Istanbul is the cultural and economic centre of Turkey, which is dividing the Bosporus Strait into two part. The city is a bridge from Europe to Asia. So Istanbul is located in two parts of the world. Over the years, Istanbul was the capital of the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Latin empires. Divided by the Golden Horn Bay on the Old and New City the European part of the city is has a lot of sightseeing. The atmosphere of the Middle Ages reigns due to the appropriate architectural structures in the historical part, and business and shopping centers are located in modern part. Businessmen and tourists go in Istanbul. A large commercial port is in the city. It performs an important economic function.

Tourists prefer to start an independent excursion from Sultanahmet Square. This noisy street is dotted with small shops and tents where you can buy traditional souvenirs. In the center is the German fountain, covered with golden mosaic.

Having visited Turkey you can walk along the market of Arast, where you can buy handmade jewelry, the Egyptian market and the Grand Bazaar.

Istanbul is a museum in the open air: every cathedral and the construction of different eras are worthy of the tourist's attention. The cultural program starts with the Blue Mosque, which is built by the order of Sultan Ahmed I. The mosque is made in Byzantine and Ottoman classical styles. In the decoration of the facade used expensive rocks, marble from Mecca, white and blue colors. The interior is also interesting: the floors are carpeted, and the walls are decorated with floral tiles, and on the praying side, wall is decorated with stained glass windows. You can get to the Blue Mosque from 9 am until sunset, having previously take off one's shoes and wearing covered. Another beautiful building is the Hagia Sophia, which was an Orthodox church until the 15th century, and now it is a mosque.

Worth to visit the architectural complex of Suleymaniye and the former residence of the Sultans - the Topkapi Palace, There is a beautiful view of the city and the bay from the observation platform of the Galata Tower. It is the highest tower in Istanbul. If you travel with children, be sure to visit the zoo and the Toy Museum.

In Istanbul public transport is represented by buses, dolmus, metro, trams, funiculars and water transport. Municipal and private buses run all over the city. You need to give up stopping the bus. Tickets are bought in kiosks; street vendors tend to sell them more expensive. On dolmus you can get to the destination faster than on buses, and it is much cheaper. There are 2 routes: beige dolmush go to the old districts of the city, and yellow operate on short distances. On the tram, it is best to go for sightseeing, and the funiculars connect the stations "Beyoglu" and "Karakey", as well as "Kabatash" and "Taksim". Metro is represented by 5 lines, it works from 6 am to 12 noon.

Ferries and sea buses represent water transport, if you need get from one part of the city to another. But if you need to get to another city, book a transfer in Istanbul to the specified address. The driver will get you to your destination with comfort. Also, upon arrival at the airport, you do not need to search for how to get to Istanbul: book a transfer to and travel in comfort!