Transfer in Istanbul


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Travelers know that the most comfortable means of transport during vacation transport. Book a transfer in Istanbul from the airport with leave an application on the site and choose the best offer from the local drivers.

Istanbul is a cultural and economic center of Turkey which lies on both banks of the Bosporus. As the city is divided into two parts, it is considered the bridge between Europe and Asia. During its lifetime, Istanbul has been the capital of Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Latin empires.

Most of the touristic attractions are located in the European part divided in the New City and the Old City. The latter is filled with the medieval atmosphere while the former is where business centers and malls stand. People visit Istanbul for both business and pleasure. There is a large trade port inside the city which is of significant economic importance.

Start the tour from the Sultan Ahmet Square. It is a crowded street filled with souvenir stalls. In the center stands the German fountain covered with golden mosaic. Nearby stands the blue mosque built in the XVII century and constructed in Byzantine and Ottoman styles. Various expensive kinds of materials were used during construction.

Be sure to also visit the Suleimanie complex and the Topkapi Palace which served as the Sultan residence. From the observation deck of the Galata Tower, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city. If you travel with kids, be sure to visit the zoo and the Toys museum.

When visiting do not miss the Atasta market, where you can buy inexpensive handmade jewelry. Also, take note of the Egyptian market and the Grand Bazaar.

How to reach the center of Istanbul? There is a developed transport system in the city including buses,dolmushas, subway, funiculars and water transport. To catch a bus all you need to do is to wave a hand. The tickets are to be bought in stalls as street vendors sell them for a higher price. Dolmushas are both faster and cheaper than buses. The beige ones go to the old areas and yellow ones travel only short distances. In order to enjoy the landmark, we suggest traveling by tram.

The water transport consists of ferries and naval buses which course between the two parts of the city. If you need to get to a specific address in another city, book transfer in Istanbul. Travel with comfort!