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Side is an ancient port city of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, located between Alanya and Antalya. This resort is famous for Greco-Roman buildings and long sandy beaches. The surrounding neighborhoods are part of the tourist area, making Side a popular destination for tourists like Istanbul.

In the center of the city are the ruins of a theater of the II century, accommodating up to 15,000 people, and the nearby maritime harbor is adorned with marble columns of the Greek temple of Apollo. By the way, the city has many attractions. Particular interest for tourists is the State Museum of Side, it contains many valuable exhibits. Several centuries ago in its place was a Roman bath complex. If you go further, towards the quarters, you can see the temples, fragments of fortified walls and wander into the market square. Some places of interest are more than 2000 years old.

The ancient square of Agora is reminiscent of the surviving fragments of the temple of the goddess of fortune Tyuhe. Nearby are the ruins of the most ancient stone building is the basilica.

In Side there are many clean and beautiful beaches, because the main resort is water recreation. Conventionally they are divided into two directions: Western and Eastern. The first is considered safe, here the sea is shallow; the second has a sharp descent to the water and a rocky beach. Along it are orange and coniferous groves.

Among the entertainment there is the opportunity to learn diving, water skiing, go fishing, sailing or parasailing, parachuting over the sea. There are also many bars and cafes, hotels stretching along the coast.

The main transport in Side is the minibus, which is called dolmush. They travel from 7 am to 20 pm. They are convenient to get to the nearest villages, including up to Manavgat. There are official "yellow" taxis. There is also a city bus station, buses run along the route "Side-Belek", "Side-Antalya". Many bike rental locations.

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