Transfer in Turkmenistan

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Transfer in Turkmenistan is a convenient way to get from the airport and train stations to anywhere in the country. Do not need to look for a taxi or a public transport stop. On-line service managers organize a meeting at the airport in Ashgabat: the driver will wait in the arrivals area with a sign and help carry the baggage to the car. Book a transfer to Turkmenistan and travel in comfort!

Turkmenistan is a republic in Central Asia, whose territory in the west is washed by the Caspian Sea. This country is closed to many tourists, only selected and lucky people manage to get to the cities of eternal totalitarianism and luxury. In Turkmenistan, as in any tourist destination, there are many "worthwhile" sights. This is the ancient fortifications of the Silk Road, and massive palaces, numerous museums and parks. An interesting place to visit will be the Darvaz gas crater. It was formed because of an unsuccessful attempt to drill a well for gas production. The locals call it the gates of hell.

The capital of Ashgabat is the economic and cultural center of the country. In a Europeanized city, you can still walk for hours on the eastern market and leisurely stroll along the glittering streets. Rent a car with driver in Turkmenistan will allow you to visit more attractions.

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