Transfer in Ashgabat

You will remember the trip to Turkmenistan for a long time if you think everything over to the details. The capital of Turkmenistan is rich in sightseeing, and there are a lot of places for you to see in Ashgabat.

Ashgabat is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most white-marble city in the world. Here the colourful bazaars and strict majestic architecture, ancient oriental traditions and modern technologies collide.

The Ashgabat International Airport is a modern large airport with direct regular flights from most major European and Asian cities. There are several ways to get to Ashgabat from the airport. You will be able to get to the historical centre by bus №1 and №18 or by private minibuses. If you want to save time, you can take a taxi or book a transfer.

There are many different museums, parks and entertainment centres for any taste in the city. One of the main attractions is the Ertuğrul Gazi Mosque, the largest temple in the city named after the Ottoman sultan Ertuğrul. The temple was constructed in the Turkish style, its architecture is rather similar to the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

The most visited museum among tourists is the Turkmen Carpet Museum created to preserve the history of the unique Turkmen rug weaving. Among the exhibits there are the largest and the smallest carpets in the world.

The best way to get around the city is by car as there is no subway and the distance between the sights is large. Taxi in Ashgabat is a popular and inexpensive mean of transportation. It is also possible to ride a bus, but this way of movement is not so fast and not much cheaper.

In the vicinity of Tashkent there are many sights worth visiting. Be sure to go to the neighboring village of Kipchak. There is the Turkmenbashi Ruhy Mosque, the largest Islamic temple in Central Asia and the largest single-dome mosque in the world. Another hour by car will take you to the Baharden Cave with its famous underground lake Kov-Ata. In the healing thermal waters, the temperature is +35 °C all year round.

To get to the surrounding attractions, it is better to rent a car in Ashgabat in advance, as intercity public transport is poorly developed.

Accommodation in Ashgabat is available for all tastes — from luxury hotels, that are compliant with all international standards, to inexpensive hotels and apartments. In spite of the great choice, book accommodation in advance, as well as a transfer.

The best time to visit the capital of Turkmenistan is spring and autumn. In these seasons, the weather in Ashgabat is the most comfortable for walking around the city. The air temperature varies within +25 °C. In summer it is not recommended to come to the capital, the city is very hot and there are no precipitations. The air temperature can reach +45 °С.

Ashgabat is a unique city, which should be visited at least once in a lifetime. Think about your route and travel with comfort.