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The city of angels, the world capital of the film industry, entertainment and tourism. Talk about the benefits of Los Angeles can be endless: it is better to come and see everything in person. Planning a holiday in LA, book a transfer on the services. So you will not get lost in the metropolis and comfortably get to the specified point. You need to book a transfer in a two or more days in advance. During this time, you will find several offers from carriers in your personal account. You can choose the most favourable from list and save money on a taxi. Travel in comfort with!

< / p> Los Angeles is the economic and trade center of the USA. The megapolis plays an important role in the financial, tourist and transport segment. Port of LA occupies the 5th position in the world in terms of workload. But Los Angeles is famous for the cherished letters of Hollywood. Hollywood's brightest star the LA area. The Walk of fame is worth a visit here: along the 15 blocks on the sidewalk, on both sides there are plates with stars. Each represents an achievement in the film industry or established in honor of a media personality. Once the star was received the US President Ronald Reagan, as a former actor and dancer. Without a doubt, go on a tour of the Universal Studio. You may not be able to see the stars themselves, but shooting a new blockbuster. But in the branch of the Museum of wax Madame Tussauds presents many exhibits: the figures of actors, directors and even entire scenes from movies

< / p> The center of LA is the Downtown, where cultural and business life is concentrated. Downtown has the most fashionable hotels and restaurants, skyscrapers and historic buildings, business centers and concert halls. For example, the Staples Center and Walt Disney Concert Hall. In Down town, you can ride on the funicular "Flight of the angel", go to the bar or just to see the sights, which are many. Most striking is the combination of architectural styles.

< / p> The most expensive boutiques, restaurants and hotels are concentrated in Beverly Hills. Not everyone can afford to buy a couple of things or dine in Mastro's Steakhouse, but visit here because of the luxurious houses of Hollywood stars. See celebrity is unlikely to succeed, but the energy of this place is inspiring. You can also take a tour of the Museum of television and radio.

< / p> To feel like residents, rent a car with a driver in Los Angeles. Stay in LA will be much more comfortable and prestigious, because you are relaxing in the most expensive city in the United States.

< / p> Some areas of Los Angeles are located on coastline of the Pacific coast. The most famous is Malibu. The local people and tourists rest here. Foreign visitors are attracted by white beaches, azure waters and a wide range of entertainment. One of the most popular is surfing. The ocean is cold even on the hottest days, and the waves on the coast are always large, especially in the Santa Monica area. Therefore, a vacation with children is not the best idea. The good choice for a family holiday is Laguna beach. Rent a house here is cheaper than in Malibu. If you've never surfed before, California is the place to go. In LA there are many schools where the training is based on age and experience. The cost of classes usually includes equipment and surf.

< / p> On the way back, you may have a question: "how to get to the airport in Los Angeles?" To avoid this, as well as possible problems with transport, book a transfer for rounds in advance.

< / p> Los Angeles is very large: once its areas were separate settlements. Today, without a navigator is difficult to move on the roads. Many residents prefers to drive a private car, but there is also public transport. There are more than 200 routes in the city. Some buses are available 24 hours per day. The metro is represented by 5 lines, in the future they plan to add a branch-ground 6-th line. The metro is convenient for those who want to visit the most popular places in LA. The stations are located close to attractions. To get to other cities, usually buy plane or train tickets from Union Station. Taxi is not cheap, and there is a great risk to fall into traffic.

< / p> If you are not in a hurry on vacation, then take the bike in a bike rental. The most suitable route runs for 25 kilometers from Santa Monica-downtown station through the port of Marina Del Rey to El Segundo. Make your way to the cards and enjoy the spectacular views of the vibrant city of United States.