Get Transfer in Vietnam

It is important to decide the way how to get the destination in the country where the public transport system is not developed enough. It is quite difficult to explain to the taxi driver where to go not being a Vietnamese speaker. You can send a request for a transfer in your mother tongue on Book a transfer in Vietnam and travel with comfort!

Vietnam is famous for its beaches on the coast of the South China Sea, crystal-clear waters and exotic seafood. There are some unusual places where you can relax from your daily city life: the caves, coral shelves, impenetrable jungle and many other wild beaches. Every year tourism becomes more popular as it is cost-effectively and advantageous. You can travel by car around the country. Rent a car with a driver in Vietnam to see more country sights and not to be confused by maps.

The country is divided into three regions: southern, northern and central. If you like cultural activities with eye-catching places, ancient temples and museums, go to Hanoi which is the capital of Vietnam. You can visit Hồ Chí Minh mausoleum, the Museum and Palace of the President, Stilt House and the pagoda. There are lots of city sights in Hanoi which are worth to visit, take some pictures, learn about the history and feel the republic atmosphere. The impressing bay protected by UNESCO which is considered to be one of the seven wonders is near the capital.

The fans of the beach rest will like the central region. In addition to your trip, you can try water sports, the beach rest, 24/7 parties in Da Nang and visiting Huế with its ancient temples. The economical city centres with luxurious hotels are situated in the south of the republic in Ho Chi Minh City. The pearls of the holiday are Phú Quốc and Nha Trang located on the coast of the South China Sea.

January and February are the most favourable months for tourism. The climate is mild in the north (up to +36 °C). In the south and centre, it is subtropical climate with the damp and dry seasons (up to +40 °C).

You can find activities for all tastes in Vietnam such as the elephant riding, cheap diving, national parks visiting and entertaining evenings in pubs and casino. Wherever you go, send a request on the passengers' transportation services on our website in Vietnam.