Transfer to Hanoi

If you want to enjoy the sunrises in the rainforest and try exotic fruits, go to Vietnam. There every tourist finds what he is looking for. Many begin their acquaintance with its capital.

How to get to Hanoi? Use the buses number 7 and number 17, which run from 05:00 to 22:00 or special shuttles. The journey takes more than one and a half hours. If after a long flight you don’t want to wait for public transport and carry your luggage yourself, book your transfer on in advance.

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, the cultural, tourist and economic center of the country. A city with a thousand-year history unites several cultures, which later became one. Visa to Hanoi is issued from 5 to 14 days, keep this in mind when you prepare documents.

In the main city of Vietnam there is no shortage of attractions. For example, the Confucian Temple of literature of the XI century. Its walls are surrounded by five front gardens with rare species of flowers and plants. If you go deep into the pavilions, you can be among the artificial ponds. Then take a tour of the Temple of the Jade Mountain, dedicated to the gods of medicine and earth.

Hoan Kiem Lake is a favorite place for recreation and walking among tourists. The Trang Thi Avenue leads to it. On the territory next to the pond live giant turtles that reach a length of up to two meters.

Visit the Water Puppet Theater. This art form originated 1000 years ago outside of Vietnam, but after a while it became part of the national culture. Instead of a scene, a large pool is used, and puppeteers stand to the waist in the water behind a bamboo curtain.

In Hanoi, you can go for massage and spa treatments. Among travelers, it is believed that here it is best to relax and recharge with new forces.

Bus is the most popular form of public transport. More than 60 flights daily from 07:00 to 22:00 connect the city center with distant quarters. In Hanoi, there are several taxi ranks and more than 15 rental bicycles and scooters. This service is provided to its guests in hotels and hostels. Many tourists rent a car with a driver in Hanoi. This is a convenient way to travel, as there are few traffic lights and parking lots in the city, traffic jams often arise.

Book transfer to Hanoi through the service Cars are equipped with air conditioning, you will not need to hide from the heat, waiting for public transport. Drivers drive neatly and safely, avoiding traffic jams. This is especially true because the local don’t follow the rules of the road and exceed the speed. Take care of your comfort in advance so that the journey is bright and intense.