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First and foremost, tourists go to the capital upon arrival in Hungar. Without asking how to get to the center from Budapest airport, book a transfer on the online service The driver will wait for you in the arrival zone with a nameplate. You do not have to look for a taxi in the parking or a bus stop. Travel with comfort and choose!

Budapest is the pearl of the Danube and the capital and cultural centre of Hungary. The city is divided by the river into 2 parts. Once it was 3 settlements on different banks of the Danube, which could only be reached by water transport, and a bit later - by land, through bridges. By the way, there are a lot of bridges in the city (Margit, Erzsebet, Svobody), the oldest of them is Chain Bridge. It joined Budu, Pest and Obudu, which became one of the most beautiful resorts in Europe in 1872.

Budapest enchants travellers with its atmosphere created by the splendour of architecture, picturesque views of the Danube and the hospitality of the local population. In the city, there are monuments of Roman architecture, which harmoniously coexist together with baroque architecture and buildings of the era of classicism. But the main attraction of the Hungarian capital will always be the Danube, decorated with a lot of massive and at the same time laced bridges. Embankments, as a rule, are decorated with sculptures and other art objects. It is nice to come here at any time of the day: for a morning walk or an evening promenade. A popular place for tourists is the already mentioned Chain Bridge. Not far from it is the Neo-Gothic Parliament building, familiar to everyone with postcards and postal Hungarian stamps. To enjoy all the beauties of the Danube, we recommend buying a ticket for the excursion boat.

In the centre of the city of the former Pest, on the Heroes' Square, there is a monument to the Millennium, which can be clearly seen from the viewing platforms (Fishermen's Bastion) and the hills (Serfdom Hill). Here there are sculptures-allegories depicting the World, War, Labor, Knowledge and others.

The square is adjacent to the city park Varoshliget and Andrassy Avenue, listed as a UNESCO protected the site. Along one of the most beautiful European streets, you will see the buildings of the Opera House, the Museum of Terror and the Museum of East Asian Art. Freedom Square with the monument of the Soviet Army, Ferenc Deak Square with the Lutheran Church and other public gardens and streets are worth a visit to see samples of the idealistic architecture of classicism.

The traveller should know, going to a European city, that it will not be possible to inspect all the sights even in 3 days. Therefore, make a "must see" list in advance and book a transfer in Budapest to Do not forget to visit the Royal Palace, the Church of St. Matthias and Vaidahunyad Castle.

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In Budapest, there are about 80 thermal springs, so it is called a resort town. "Treatment on the waters" takes place in the baths of Szechenyi and Gellert, built at the beginning of the 20th century, and in other less popular establishments.

Certainly worth going to the adjacent islands to the city. There are about eight of them, but Margit Island is visited, where it is possible to get to the bridge with the same name by car or by ferry.

The transport system of Budapest will seem difficult for the guests of the capital. Buses, trams and trolleys run from 5 am to 11 pm throughout the city. Loaded are considered to be tram lines, especially during rush hour. Metro consists of 4 lines, whose stations are located near memorable places, which is very convenient for travellers.

From the airport to the city, new arrivals get to the bus or train, which go on schedule. But if you do not want to be tied to the time or arrive at night, it will be much more comfortable to book a transfer in Budapest from the airport to