Transfer to the airport Franz Liszt

The Franz Liszt International Airport is located 16 kilometers from Budapest. This is one of the five air hubs in the country. It serves the flights of the Middle East, North America, Europe and Asia. The annual passenger flow is more than 10 million. There are three terminals in the territory: 1, 2A and 2B. The first for loukosterov, the second for directions of the countries of the Schengen zone, the third for the international and internal flights. It is planned to build a fourth, cargo, terminal. Book your transfer to Ferenc Liszt airport on, planning your vacation.

Why choose a transfer to
  1. If the passengers wish, the driver can arrange an excursion around the city.
  2. The cars are equipped with child safety seats.
  3. Free wait up to 60 minutes if your flight is delayed.
  4. The driver meets in the arrival area with a name plate and helps carry the baggage.
  5. The fixed cost of the trip, regardless of the route.

The airport has a 70-year history. During this time, he rebuilt three times and only in 2011 received the name in honor of Franz Liszt, the famous Hungarian composer. Prior to this, the air knot was called Ferihegy. While waiting for flights, passengers can relax in cafes and restaurants, use luggage and mail services, look into souvenir shops and a duty-free zone. Nearby built a comfortable hotel.

How to get to Ferenc Liszt airport, if you decide not to rent a car with a driver? There are several options. The first one is a taxi. The cars have payment terminals and counters. Drivers speak Hungarian and English. The Western Railway Station of Budapest is connected to the airport. Express leaves every 20-25 minutes. The longest way to get there is by bus. They arrive in 35-40 minutes. Route 200 goes from the center to the airport, some from the terminal station of the blue metro line. For tourists specially provided mini-shuttles to use them you need to register on the Airport Shuttle site.

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