Transfer to Bonn Airport

Bonn or Konrad Adenauer Airport is located 15 kilometers from the German city of Cologne. The air node occupies the sixth place in the country in terms of passenger traffic (12 million people a year). On its territory are three runways, two civil terminals of domestic and international destinations and one for private business flights. Book a transfer from Bonn Airport to if you need to get to the surroundings of Cologne.

Why is it worth to order a transfer to

  1. You set the acceptable cost of the trip yourself and coordinate it with the carrier.
  2. Drivers are accredited. You know in advance who will take you.
  3. Booking transfers around the world. Choose a country, and we will take you to your destination.
  4. Free wait up to 60 minutes if the flight is delayed.
  5. Selection of an optimal and fast route, taking into account traffic jams and traffic accidents.
  6. Although the airport was built in 1913, civil air traffic originated only 40 years later. Several years ago, the air hub began to service flights of the Russian "Victory" and opened direct routes to St. Petersburg. On the territory there are shops, bars and restaurants, conference halls and business centers, as well as a medical center, representatives of banks and children's rooms.

    How to get from Bonn airport to Cologne? There are several options. The first is aeroexpress, which goes to the city center and the surrounding area every 5-10 minutes. The second is bus number 161, plying to the distant quarters, or flight SB60. The taxi stand is located in the departure hall of terminals 1 and 2. The most convenient option when you are in a new city is renting a car with a driver who knows many routes.

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