Get Transfer in Moldova

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Moldavia is a country in Eastern Europe, which, in view of historical prerequisites, absorbed the traditions and culture of ancient peoples who once lived on this territory. In addition to sightseeing tours, ecotourism, walking in parks and nature reserves are very popular. There are a lot of rivers on the territory of the country, and the highest point is Mount Balanesti. The visiting cards of the country are also winemaking and ancient Christian churches. In Moldova today over one hundred kinds of drinks are produced from local grapes.

The most famous in the Soviet times was the city of Chisinau. Today it is a modern metropolis that combined the economic and cultural centers of the republic. The capital is located in the picturesque valley of the river Bull. Natural beauties blend harmoniously with the architecture within the city. So, the Memorial complex of memory of the soldiers who were lost on the Afghani war, is in the green park dotted with fountains. In Chisinau it is worth to visit the Mazarakiev church in 1757. To get here from any other city or airport, use the services of passenger transportation in Moldova.

Magpies behind the scenes is a gypsy town. There are real communities of the "nomadic" people with a real baron. This pompous city with the appropriate will surprise visitors with its color: architecture and apartment buildings, representing a real creation of art. There is even a house in the form of the Bolshoi Theater. Also, you should visit the Fortress of Soroca, which has withstood more than one battle in its time. Rent a car with driver in Moldova will allow you to see as many attractions in the cities. Leave a request on our service and appreciate all the advantages of car rental with a personal driver.

From any city you can get to Cricova to taste the best wines in the country, and the archaeological complex of Old Orhei, where the ancient exhibits are kept.

If we talk about the resorts, then the tourist stream prefers Sergeevka near the Budak Lake. There are many different sanatoriums here. There are balneological clinics in Cahul, and Tirdjuk sources are also popular.

It's best to go on holiday to Moldova between April and October. In winter, the thermometer can drop to -20 ° C. The temperature in summer is comfortable and pleasant for tourism - + 25 ° C, only sometimes reaches + 32 ° C. In the middle of autumn the Indian summer begins.

Do not forget to try the local cuisine, which includes the recipe of Russian, Balkan and Turkish gastronomy. It is recommended to try "chorba" with meat, porridge "mamaliga", local cabbage rolls, pork on grill, omelets and wine.

Transfer to Moldova is a great way to get to the hotel or any other place if you have never been here. If you are in Moldova on work issues, be sure to get to know the city in which you are located. Spend a couple of hours hiking in the museum, theater or even a restaurant. It is then that a small country will abandon the desire to return again, in order to learn more about its culture and excursions.