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Going to New York do not forget about details of the trip. You need buy tickets and book a hotel at least 2 weeks before the trip. This is the only way to save money from the trip. The same situation with transfer. Do not think "how to get to New York", book a transfer in New York at least 2 weeks in advance. For this period on you will find a lot of offers from carriers. Prices and conditions of transportation will pleasantly surprise you!

Everyone is familiar with New York through footage from movies, news or photos from magazines. This city is striking with its rhythm of life, possibilities and a whole range of emotions that newly arrived tourists get. New York is located in the southeast of the United States and the Atlantic coast. The symbol of the city of dreams is the Statue of Liberty. Its height is 93 meters, so the main attraction of the city can be seen almost from any part of the city. Total 5 administrative districts are Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island.

Manhattan is located in the southern part, on the island of the same name. It is the heart of the metropolis, its engine and the center of the congestion of tourists. From one end of the district to the other one you can walk on foot, passing the whole Broadway. By the way, from the lower Manhattan ferries go to the Statue of Liberty several times a day. In Brooklyn, the largest number of people live is more than 2.5 million. The Russian quarter of Brighton Beach is just within Brooklyn. Staten Island is considered a sleeping and elite area, and people of different nationalities and cultures live in Queens. Bronx surprises with a variety of landscapes. Perhaps that's why there are so many natural attractions here: the zoo, botanical garden and parks.

Every year New York meets more and more foreign guests. Going on business or vacation in the US capital, think through the route to the sights. Start the tour with Times Square. Today the area has grown in skyscrapers, has increased due to shops, TV-billboards and architectural delights. You need to visit Times Square not only because of the atmosphere of it. Famous museum of Madame Tussauds, street jugglers and artists, numerous theaters - that's all worth a visit to everyone. For example, the Madame Tussauds museum is famous for its exhibits - wax figures of stars, presidents, movie characters and many famous people.

For recreation from the city bustle and for sports, Americans prefer Central Park. Tourists also come to the park to admire nature, run a couple of kilometers in the morning and watch one of the free performances or concerts. They are organized quite often. Central Park is located next to Broadway.

Going from Brooklyn to Manhattan, you will cross the Brooklyn Bridge. It is a symbol of the same district. It was built for 30 years and was once considered the longest suspension bridge. Today Brooklyn Bridge performs an original and aesthetic function. In the nearby Brooklyn Museum there are many fascinating excursions. What is worth only a garden of sculptures and an exposition of Ancient Egypt.

If we talk about museums and shopping, it cannot be said about Cooper-Hewitt. This is a design museum, where the works of the best American designers of the United States are exhibited. They say their creations can be bought, but for a lot of money.

In the rhythm of "non-stop" it will be difficult to understand the number of public transport routes. The Metropolitan of New York works round the clock. True, not all stations are open at this time, and trains run less often. To save money on trips, it is recommended to buy a Metro Card. It can be bought at the ticket offices of the subway, or in any store with a special sign. Buses run throughout the city and within a particular area. You can pay for travel by metro map. In addition to public transport, there is a taxi - yellow "cabs", which you can catch by waving your hand (again, in the head of the movie footage). In order to see as much as possible in an exciting journey, rent a car with a driver in New York. Discover new cities with!