Transfer in Tunisia

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Tunisia is the smallest country in the North of Africa. The territory of the country is represented by various types of terrain, which in turn involves a large selection of excursions and recreation: from beach to Safari tours. The North-Eastern part of the country is washed by the Mediterranean sea, which is the main reason for the influx of tourists from all over the world. No matter what airport your flight arrives at, you can always book a transfer in Tunisia on The driver will meet you in the arrivals area with a nameplate and take you anywhere in the country faster than a bus and taxi. Travel in comfort!

Travelers prefer three beach resorts. People go to relax with children in Hammamet because of the small entrance to the sea, the presence of water parks and attractions. Monastir is suitable for those who want to save money on vacation, and young people prefer Sousse. Thalassotherapy is best in the Djerba and Galit. That Islands also belong to the territory of Tunisia. You can go on a sightseeing tour at the resorts. For example, in the same Hammamet interesting to visit the old Medina, Ribat fortress in Sousse and others.

The eponymous capital of Tunisia is a modern city with a colorful culture that combines African, European and Mediterranean echoes. Be sure to visit the old Medina, the Museum of Roman mosaics, the Ez-Zitouna Mosque, Habib Bourguiba Avenue and buy souvenirs.

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The ruins of the ancient Phoenician state of Carthage preserved on the territory of Tunisia (country). We recommend using the services of passenger transportation to get to them from the capital. When booking a transfer in Tunisia on, you can offer your trip price or choose the best price from local carriers.

Each trip should be different from each other, so rent a car with a driver in Tunisia will be a great solution for any trip.